Animals in Care

Sully (Bennetts Wallaby)

Sully was found in Perth on the side of the road trying to get in his dead mum’s pouch – his mum had been hit & killed by a car. 😢Luckily for Sully a passerby stopped, wrapped him in a towel, kept him nice and warm in the car. They contacted Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary who quickly contacted a rescuer to organise transport into my care. Sully has been with us since September and continues to thrive. Sully is a tad on the lazy side (as most Bennetts wallabies are), he is a very quiet soul, and will stay in his pouch wide awake observing and checking out his surrounds.

Sully loves to chill with his buddy Billy, but he will soon let him know if he wants his quiet time and left alone.

He is super affectionate and loves a cuddle. Sully will be with us up to 12 months before being released.

We are in the process of building a new enclosure for Billy and Sully.