Animals in Care

Billy (Bennetts Wallaby)

Billy’s mum was chased by a dog in Deloraine and Billy fell out her pouch as mum hopped away. He was brought to the vets and was transported here to Wildlife Rehab Retreat in October.

Boisterous Billy, what a little legend. Best mates with Sully. Billy loves being out of his pouch and loves his “zoomies” around the enclosure.

Billy is also very affectionate. He loves his bottle and will at times hold on to your finger as he drinks. As much as Billy is quite active, he loves to snuggle in his pouch and at times suck on a dummy (teat without a hole in it) as comfort and to reassure himself he is safe, and all is good in the world. Billy is a beautiful boy and a bit of a character.

Like Sully, Billy will be with us up to 12 months before being released.

We are in the process of building a new enclosure for Billy and Sully.